Travel Insurance provides protection when travelling overseas and within Australia. It gives peace of mind that you are covered in the case of emergency such as sickness or accident, lost or damaged luggage, motor vehicle accident and cancellation.

Why you need a travel insurance policy?

Although the chance is relatively small that you will need to make a substantial claim it is a risk you cannot afford to take. In cases where people have purchased insufficient travel insurance people have had to sell or (re)-mortgage their house in order to cover expenses, usually of a medical nature, that they incurred as a result of an illness or accident overseas. There are many cases where people have found out why they should have purchased a policy when it is too late.

What is a good travel insurance policy?

A good travel insurance policy is one that gives you value for your money. Value for money in travel insurance is a policy that provides the required amount of cover at a reasonable premium together with an always readily available and informative Emergency Assistance contact and an efficient and fair Claims process.

When purchasing a travel insurance policy you should look at the quality of the policy as well as the premium. The cheapest policy in the marketplace is generally not the best policy.

What does our Travel Insurance Policy cover?

Our policies cover the following events (subject to certain conditions) whilst traveling overseas:-

  • Medical Expenses
  • Medical Evacuation and Repatriation
  • Travel Cancellation & Deferment Costs
  • Luggage & Personal Effects
  • Emergency Travel Arrangements
  • Rental Vehicle Expenses
  • Death Expenses
  • Personal Liability & Legal Expenses

Please check each policy product and type carefully for its Inclusions and Exclusions

Travel Insurance is normally purchased for the full duration of the trip. It can be extended for anything up to 12 months as long as the extension is put in place before the policy expires.

Money Back Guarantee

Our Travelinsure Policies provide all the benefits mentioned above. Also don’t forget the Free Sim Card that comes with any international policy purchase of 7 days or more.

If you are dissatisfied in any way with your Cover-More travel insurance purchase, and wish to cancel, you will be given
a full refund*.

*You are entitled to this refund as long as you:

  • Are not making a claim under the policy
  • Are not cancelling after the commencement of the journey
  • Cancel the policy within 15 working days from the time of issue

Quick Facts

  1. Travel Insurance is strongly recommended by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for all overseas travel. They say “If you can’t afford travel insurance you can’t afford to travel”
  2. 24 Hour Emergency Assistance: All Cover-More policy holders have access to our Emergency Assistance Team. This experienced team works around the clock assisting our clients when they are in need of help.
  3. 1.8 million Australian travellers chose to travel with a Cover-More policy in 2013.
  4. 400 seriously ill or injured Australians were brought home safely by Cover-More in 2013.

Travel Insurance Case Studies

The following are some examples of the kind of cases handled by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade:

The reasons for Australians requiring hospitalisation vary. Cases handled by the department have included car and motorbike accidents, a simple misstep and fall at a temple, and side effects from prescribed drugs. The department advises “if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel”. In many of the cases it is the traveller’s family who have had to foot the bill.


Dan was on a four-month trip with two friends through the United States and Europe. The trio arrived in San Francisco in the late afternoon and booked into their hostel before going out to see some of the city’s sights. In one of the venues they entered, Dan was confronted by 6 men telling him to get out of their bar. Dan remained calm and began to leave when he was ‘king hit’, leaving him unconscious and on the ground.
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Emma was on a three-month trip backpacking through Europe with her best friend when she decided to go tandem skydiving with an experienced instructor in Switzerland. During the dive, Emma’s instructor lost consciousness when the ropes for the main chute and the safety chute twisted around his neck—neither chute inflated properly meaning that Emma and her instructor fell too quickly and hit the ground at speed.
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Alan and his wife had been on their cruise for two nights when 72-year old Alan experienced severe abdominal pain after eating breakfast on the morning of their third day. After becoming increasingly ill in his cabin, Alan and his wife called for assistance from the on-board medical clinic. The clinic sent a nurse and subsequently the ship’s doctor who were concerned Alan had an inflamed gallbladder which needed urgent medical treatment.
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Celia was walking towards a train station when she turned the corner and tripped on steps, which she did not see. She knew instantly that she had suffered major damage, as the pain was immediate. Some bystanders helped Celia up and someone called an ambulance.
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