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We can provide assistance with the online quote and purchase process if required. You will receive a Certificate of Insurance by email and we will send you a Product Disclosure Statement and Emergency Assistance Card by post.

Unlimited Medical Cover

Medical Cover is the most important requirement for your Overseas Travel Insurance Policy. Cover-More's Comprehensive International Plan and Annual Multi Trip Policies provide Unlimited Medical Cover under the conditions of the policy.

24/7 Emergency Assistance

In the Event of an Emergency the team at Cover-More will assist you in getting the right treatment, your bills paid and they will coordinate the arrangements to bring you home at the right time.

We'll get you covered!

As soon as you make the on-line purchase through this website you will be covered under the conditions of the policy.

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Smart Tip #1

Read your travel insurance policy carefully. If you are dissatisfied with the policy in any way you are entitled under the Financial Services Act to a full refund within 14 days of purchase or prior to your departure, whichever comes first.

Smart Tip #2

Apart from finding out about the Policy Inclusions make sure you are also aware of its Exclusions.

Smart Tip #3

Overseas Medical Expenses are most likely to send you broke if you travel overseas without travel insurance. Therefore above all else make sure you have adequate medical cover on your policy, preferably “Unlimited” just in case.

Smart Tip #4

Check whether the insurer considers that you have an Existing Medical Condition and whether they are able to cover it. Always seek cover for Existing Medical Conditions by submitting an Assessment Form so that you are not left exposed to potential medical expenses. Even if there are certain conditions that cannot be covered you know exactly where you stand once the Insurance Company has assessed your situation.

Smart Tip #5

The best time to purchase travel insurance is when you pay for your trip to provide cover against cancellation costs such as an unforeseen illness or accident that could eventuate between the date of payment and the date of departure.

Smart Tip #6

Keep your Emergency Assistance Card separate from your policy so that if you lose one you should still have the other.

Smart Tip #7

When you have a situation that is likely to lead to a claim on your travel insurance policy please contact the Emergency Assistance to seek instructions on what to do in the circumstances. Follow these instructions as well as you can and take the name of the person whom you spoke to.

Smart Tip #8

Don’t just chase the cheapest policy without checking exactly what it covers you for.